FIorentina – Atalanta

FIorentina hosts Atalanta in a match from the sixth round of the Italian Serie A.

Both teams are very close to each other in the Serie A standings. Fiorentina are 10th with 6 points won, while Atalanta are 9th with 7 points. So far these two sides look very even, but let’s see what’s going to happen in Florence on Sunday.

Fiorentina started the season with two consecutive losses, which were followed by two consecutive wins. But in the last game La Viola lost once again, suffering 0-1 defeat against the champion Juventus in Turin. Last season Fiorentina didn’t qualify for the European competitions, but now the club is motivated to improve its performance and once again play in Europe.

As for Atalanta, last season the club for Bergamo performed in a briliant way, managing to qualify for Europa League. They even won their first game in the group stage. Gian Piero Gasperini’s side started the new campaign with two consecutive losses, just like Fiorentina, which were followed by two wins and one draw.

Fiorentina’s manager Stefano Pioli can rely on all of his players, which is great news for him. As for Atalanta, Gasperini will be without the services of Joao Schmidt and Leonardo Spinazzola. Spinazzola has some chance to participate, but he’s probably going to be rested once again with an ankle injury.

How we said, this looks like a game between two very even teams. They are close to each other in the standings, although if we base our judgment on last season, maybe Atalanta have a little bit of an advantage. But in same, we can say that Fiorentina have the home ground advantage, so it’s in important factor to consider when picking this game.

Whatever you have decide, good luck – it’s a difficult game to bet on.