Napoli – Lazio

The leader Napoli hosts Lazio in a match from the 24th round of the Italian Serie A. The game is going to be played at the Stadio San Paolo in the city of Naples.

Napoli are leading the Serie A standings, having one point advantage in front of the champion Juventus. This time the Azzurri are really determined to win the Scudetto for a first time since many, many years. So far Napoli are doing a terrific job, but the question is – can they do it until the end of the season?

Napoli’s record since the start of the campaign is pretty good – 19 wins, 3 draws and just one defeat. They have won all of their last five games in the Calcio, including against the outsider Benevento in the last round. Napoli’s only loss since the start of the season was against Juventus.

Meanwhile Lazio are also doing a great job since the start of the season. Simone Inzaghi’s team continues the fight for a Champions League qualification. Lazio are currently 3rd in the Serie A, having won 46 points. They have one point advantage in front of the 4th Inter and 2 points advantage in front of the 5th Roma.

It’s certain that the fight for a Top 4 finish is going to be pretty rough, so every point is going to be important for Lazio. But we can say the same thing about Napoli and the title race as well.

This is a very good game between two of the best sides in Italy. Both Napoli and Lazio have great squads and very capable managers, so we shall expect a really thrilling game at the Stadio San Paolo.

This is our examination of the derby clash between Napoli and Lazio in the Italian Serie A. Good luck!