Zurich – Thun

Zurich hosts Thun in a match from the second round of the Swiss Super League.

Zurich started the new season entirely according to plan. They managed to beat Grasshopper in the first round, winning with 2-0 away from home. This was the best possible start for them and now they will try to make it two in a row.

Zurich are very motivated to prove that their relegation to the Challenge League was just an accident. They won back a promotion to the Super League and dominated the Challenge League last season. Now it’s time for them to make sure that relegation won’t happen again anytime soon.

As for Thun, their start of the new season was not as good as Zurich’s.

Thun suffered a defeat in their first match, losing at home to Sion with 0-1. It was a dissapointing performance by them, especially in front of their fans at the Stockhorn Arena. But now they will have the chance to redeem themselves.

Thun must be really careful with Zurich’s striker Raphael Dwamena. The player from Ghana started the new season with two goals, being on fire against Grasshopper. He’s just 21-years old and last season he scored 12 goals for his team. Clearly he’s a talent to watch and who knows – maybe he will become one of the bright young stars of the Super League. So far he started very well his first season in the Swiss elite.

It’s difficult to say which one of these two teams is a favourite to win. But if you are as good as your last game, than Zurich must have an advantage. They are motivated to avoid a new relegation to the Challenge League, but the same could be said about Thun as well. We shall expect a very competitive game.